Dr Katerina JohnsoN


I love all of biology, in all its complexity and ingenuity… and I also love researching, talking and writing about it!  Nothing’s too complex, it’s all in the way you explain it, and I believe anything can be understandable, engaging and fun!

My PhD focused on the science of ‘that gut feeling’ where I studied the interactions between our gut microbes (known as the gut microbiome) and the brain and behaviour. 

Research in the biological sciences is moving faster than ever so I think it’s important for the public to be aware of the latest scientific findings and their implications; both for how we live our lives and understanding the nature of who we are.

I actively engage with the media and press, and I also love speaking to live audiences!

Check out Katerina's popular TEDx talk 'Secret Power of Your Poo' all about the importance of our gut bacteria, the potential of poo transplants and how microbiome science might influence our future healthcare and wellbeing.



Exciting news coming soon!