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I’m half English (well, half Essex) and half Cypriot and my lucky number is 13!

I studied Biological Sciences at Pembroke College at the University of Oxford… and it was undoubtedly the most intellectually exciting three years of my life.  During this time I also enjoyed being Vice President of Oxford University Biological Society, hosting high profile speakers from across the life sciences.  I find pretty much anything in the realm of biology fascinating.  I continued at Oxford to study for my PhD where I chose to specialise in the gut microbiome and its interactions with the brain and behaviour.  During my time at Oxford I have received various scholarships and prestigious academic prizes, as well as awards in recognition of my endeavours in science communication, public engagement and outreach. 

Creativity and fun are key to everything I do, especially when it comes to engaging people in science.  We are all naturally intrigued by science, but its seeming complexity often deters people.  I believe any area of science can be explained to the general public in a way that’s understandable, informative and engaging.  Science is definitely not only for scientists… it affects all aspects of our lives from the way we choose to live to how we see the world.  I also think that science is stunning and I’m a big believer in the crossover between science and art. 

My other love is sport… every sport under the sun.  My mother used to be an elite athlete and I’ve always wanted to follow in her footsteps.  I was selected to be in the Blues Team for Oxford University Athletics Club, have represented South of England and had the privilege of taking part in the London 2012 Test Event on the Mall.  My next ambition is to set the Cypriot national record!


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