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Professor Robin Dunbar (University of Oxford & PhD supervisor)

Katerina was incredibly hard working, enthusiastically focussed on what she wants to achieve and highly motivated.  She has the potential for an outstanding research career ahead of her, but equally she could turn her hand to a number of other career opportunities with equal success.  I can only recommend her to you in the highest possible terms.

Alexander Kenmure (former TEDx speaker & businessman)

A super fascinating and entertaining talk about poo transplants (yep you heard that right).  This is one that should be on the main TED site.  Insightful, funny, and educational on both a personal and societal level.  She's awesome.  I found it one of the most fascinating, engaging and entertaining experiences.

Dr Penny Palmer (BBC Producer & Director)

Katerina has made the most of the opportunities given to her, shown good initiative and sound judgement.  She has been very thorough in everything she’s been asked to do and I am particularly impressed with her quick grasp of subjects that are not necessarily her speciality.  I would be very happy to have her back on the team when she’s finished her PhD.

Guerilla Science (Producer)

We've had fantastic feedback on the event, and we all thought that you were an incredibly engaging speaker – a lot of our team said your talk was a big highlight.  We'd really love to work with you more in the future.

Sascha Olofson (Managing Director of Gundog Media)

She delivered fast, accurate, reliable research and quickly understood how to respond to briefs that focused on both the science and engaging storytelling.   Her problem-solving aptitude, diligence and undeterred enthusiasm made her a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her again soon.

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